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Amann, W. (2024):
In: Housing Finance International, spring 2024 edition.
In the context of the "New European Bauhaus" initiative "Rebuild Ukraine", IIBW has developed a new legislative approach on affordable housing. In this paper, the model law on "Common Good Housing" is presented.
Angel, S., Mundt, A. (2024):
In: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 3/2024
Across Europe, there is a trend to re-focus social housing on the most economically vulnerable groups (“residualisation”). The paper investigates whether this trend is also observed in Austria, a conservative welfare state with a social housing system open to a broad range of households and a long tradition of municipal housing.
Amann, W., Wagner, K. (2023):
In: Hypostat 2023.
This country chapter on Austrian housing and mortgage markets within the well-known Hypostat publication is a co-production of the IIBW and experienced housing finance experts.
Amann, W., Preßmair, G. (2023):
In: Housing Finance International, autumn 2023 edition.
Thermally activated building structures (TABS) operated with heat pumps is becoming widely used in building construction. Among many other advantages, the inertia of this heating system can be used to stabilize electric power grids. In this paper, the outcomes of a IIBW study from 2023 is described.
Amann, W. (2005):
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, 12/2005.
This paper explores the possibilities to encourage the establishment of affordable rental housing in transition countries.
Amann, W.; Mundt, A. (2006):
(IIBW working paper).
This paper analyses the quality of the Austrian system of affordable rental housing within the international context of comparing different housing policy systems.
Amann, W. (2008):
In: Lugger/Holoubek (2008), 3-13.
This book chapter positions the Austrian system of Limited-Profit Housing within an international context.
Amann, W. (2008):
Vortragstext zum Symposium von Asset One am 20. Mai 2008, Graz-Reininghaus. In: Asset One (2008): Nutzungsvielfalt für Graz-Reininghaus.
This paper explores the theoretical framework for the implementation of mixed-use urban spaces, using the example of Graz-Reininghaus.
Amann, W. (2010):
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, June 2009.
This article addresses housing policy challenges in Southeastern Europe and describes the IIBW's approach to implement affordable rental housing segments. Special attention is paid to new financing models and housing law.
Amann, W. (2010):
In: Country Profile on the Housing Sector in Kyrgyzstan (Geneve, UNECE).
Kirgizstan is one of the poorest follow-up states of the Soviet Union. Housing policy action is therefore very necessary. This UNECE study describes housing policy developments since the transition and provides several housing policy recommendations.
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