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IIBW (2023):
This booklet gives an overview of housing subsidies in Austria.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des Fachverbandes Steine-Keramik und der GBV Landesgruppe Tirol).
IIBW, Umweltbundesamt (2023):
With this monitoring system, IIBW and the Environment Agency Austria provide, for the first time, a continuous tool to observe housing renovation in Austria. It is targeted to support policy in reaching climate goals in the building sector.
(Wien: IIBW & Umweltbundesamt, im Auftrag der Verbände Gebäudehülle+Dämmstoff Industrie 2050, WKO – Fachverband Steine und Keramische Industrie, Zentralverband industrieller Bauproduktehersteller).
IIBW/NHP (2023):
The project aims to position the business case of Limited-Profit-Housing Associations (LPHAs) as Austria's contribution to the "New European Bauhaus" initiative "Rebuild Ukraine".
Lugger, K.; Amann, W. (Hg.) (2006):
This collection of essays by internationally well-known experts on housing policy describes European models of social housing, with a special focus on the Austrian case.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des „Vereins zur Förderung der Wohnungswirtschaft“, mit Beiträgen von Amann, Ball, Ghekiere, Lux, Mundt, Turner).
Lugger, K.; Holoubek, M. (Hg.) (2008) (Koordination und Redaktion durch das IIBW):
Limited-Profit Housing is a cornerstone of housing policy in Austria. This collection of contributions by numerous well-known experts on housing matters in Austria gives an overview of its functions and the economic, legal and political framework within which it operates.
(Wien: Manz).
UNECE/REM (2010):
As a member of the UN "Real Estate Market Advisory Group" Dr. Amann contributed to these UN Guidelines on sustainable real estate markets. The Guidelines build on the experience of the late financial and housing market crisis and stress the importance of social housing for sustainable housing markets.
(Geneve: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Real Estate Market Advisory Group).
IIBW (2010):
This study analyzed the legal context of housing in Montenegro and contributes policy recommendation for the establishment of affordable housing.
(in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment, financed by DIGH – Dutch International Guarantees for Housing and FWAW - Fonds Werken aan Wonen).
Amann, W., Mundt, A., Lugger, K. (2010):
This study addresses housing data collections in Austria and the way micro census surveys on housing conditions and costs (MZ) translate into the Consumption Price Index and the System of National Accounts. It also describes housing cost developments in Austria.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag der Arge Eigenheim).
Amann, W., Mundt, A., Springler, E. (2010):
This study focuses on efficient methods to reduce land consumption by subsidies to single-family housing construction. It also addresses necessary adaptations of subsidy requirements to foster multi-storey housing construction close to city centres.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des Landes Niederösterreich).
Amann, W., Kalezic, D., Yampolskyi, S. (2012):
This study examines the legal, financial and housing policy framework of policy measures to increase energy efficiency in Montenegro. The study also gives numerous policy recommendations.
(Geneve: UNECE).
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