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Amann, W. (2006):
In: Proceedings of the World Bank Conference "Housing Finance in Emerging Markets" March 15-17, (Washington, the World Bank, 2006).
At a World Bank conference, Dr. Amann presented the requirements for public-private partnerships for affordable housing in countries in transition.
Amann, W.; Bako, Z.; Dobosné Dénes, H.; Maráczi, Z.; Schwarzmüller, N.; Seres, L. (2006):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag von Társaság a Lakásépítésért Egyesület).
This study commissioned by the Hungarian Building Materials Industry analyses the framework for the establishment of affordable rental housing in Hungary.
Amann, W.; Beijer, E.; Komendantova, Mundt, A.; N.; Neuwirth, G.; Roy, F.; Schimpel, M.; Schwimmer, W. (2006):
(Vienna: IIBW, in cooperation with DIGH-Dutch International Guarantees for Housing, Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour, Vienna Municipality, Austrian Association of Cities and Towns, Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG, Kommunalkredit Austria AG, Raiffeisen International).
This study demonstrates the feasibility of an innovative new financing instrument to implement affordable rental housing in transition countries.
Amann, W.; Hauer-Exner, V.; Koch, G.; Schwarzmüller, N. (2007):
(prepared for Wienerberger AG).
This position paper of the Austrian Building Materials Industry depicts the potentials of expanding social housing sectors in Europe in order to contribute to social, ecological and economic development.
IIBW (2008):
"(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the Romanian Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing)."
In cooperation with internationally well-known experts the IIBW compiled a new housing law for Romania. It contains separate laws for rental housing, owner-occupied housing, housing management and affordable housing.
Amann, W., Schwimmer, W., Komendantova, N., Zejnilovic, E. (2010):
(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment).
IIBW supported the Government of Montenegro in application of a housing loan at the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).
Amann, W., Komendantova, N. (2010):
(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the World Bank).
This study describes housing policy in Armenia and provides policy recommendation for improving the potential of housing management and refurbishment.
IIBW / CFSSI / Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment (2010):
(in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment, CFSSI - the Montenegrin Fund for Solidarity Housing Development).
The symposium focused on the introduction of social housing sectors in the Western Balkans.
IIBW (2010):
(Vienna/Shkodra: IIBW, in cooperation with the Albanian Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Telecommunication, the Municipality of Shkodra, the Albanian National Housing Agency and the Austrian social landlord "Wien-Süd", financed by the Austrian Development Agency).
This study accounts for the feasibility of establishing an affordable rental housing sector in Albania, using the example of a recent cooperation with the city of Shkoder.
VWW / FGW / IIBW (2010):
(In Kooperation mit dem Verein für Wohnbauforschung und Wohnungspolitik). Publiziert als bbk-Sonderheft 12/2010.
This conference addressed the Austrian system of affordable housing as an example of European social policy. It was initiated by the recent "Dutch case". The panel discussion focussed on the compliance of housing subsidies with EU Law.
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