Energy Efficiency



Emissions in the building sector


With its housing policy scheme, Austria has achieved an internationally leading position in the implementation of ecological and low energy housing construction. Low energy performance is already standard in all “Länder”, many of them have introduced ambitious schemes to allow for passive house standard in new construction. Vorarlberg and Tyrol have obligatory passive house standard for all subsidized multi-apartment housing construction.


The total useable floor space in Austria has increased from 1990 to 2010 by not less than 40% from 250 mill. m² to 360 mill. m². At the same time the emissions from the building sector has decreased by 22%. Main reasons for this successful development are dramatically improved thermal standards of new construction, a strong increase in thermal refurbishment and a change of energy supply from fossil to renewable sources.


Figure: Emissions in the building sector 1990-2009 (mln tn CO2eq)

Emissions in the building sector

Source:  Klimabericht 2011, IIBW

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